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Family-run.   Genuine brands.   Easy-earn rewards.
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The Gypsy Quilter Fabulous Fabric Glide


The Gypsy Quilter Fabulous Fabric Glide

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From Gypsy Quilter
The Gypsy Quilter Fabulous Fabric Glide is a set of two semi-hoops that control the fabric during free-motion quilting on a standard home sewing machine. The squared shape allows a larger area to be quilted before needing to re-position the glide. They are easy to use and extremely light weight. Retain the desired fabric tension in all directions while preventing bunching. Relaxed hand positioning prevents hand, wrist and shoulder fatigue normally experienced when attempting to control the fabric. Place your thumb on the inside and your pointer finger on top. Relax your hands – no pressure is needed – which reduces the usual hand, wrist and shoulder fatigue. The textured bottom surface grips thick fabric layers securely, with minimal effort. These semi-hoops hold the fabric so you don’t have to – no gloves or other tools needed.

The smaller guide has an inside quiltable space of 5-1/2in x 5-1/2in
The larger guide has an inside quiltable space of 7-1/4in x 7/14in

Color: Purple
Made of: Plastic
Use: Fabric Guides
Included: Two Fabric Guides

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