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Family-run.   Genuine brands.   Easy-earn rewards.
No-hassle returns.   Free shipping >$75


Ultimate Pounce Powder Pad White


Ultimate Pounce Powder Pad White

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From Hancy Manufacturing
This is the only Pounce Pad with Iron-Off chalk, it comes in WHITE CHALK only

Never before has marking quilts been easier than with our Ultimate Iron-off Pounce Powder! The Quilt Pounce applies it like any other type of chalk or powder to easily and instantly transfer your stencil design. The Ultimate Pounce Powder adheres exceptionally well with minimal bouncing when sewing along the transferred stencil lines. Best of all, when you’re done following your design, you simply run your heated iron over the pattern and it disappears without a trace. Available in white only.

Color: White
Use: Quilt Marking
Included: One Bounce Pad

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